Here are some testimonials from public forums:


“I was very nervous getting my first tattoo. I had a design that I sort of liked and shared it with Squablo. He took a little time with it, told me what he recommended to change, then came back with a design that I absolutely LOVED. His artistic ability, his eye for placement and ability to explain it to me were wonderful and very comforting for this new-to-ink woman.

When it came time to actually get the tattoo, he was an absolute professional. He explained what would happen, placed the design on my back, then started the tattoo. His first few swipes were so gentle, just getting me used to the feel. I was very worried about the pain factor but it wasn't bad at all!!!

The actual tattoo was a fairly complex bit of line work and there isn't a mistake anywhere in it. It is beautiful, detailed, and exactly what I wanted: a custom design that no one else has.

The entire experience was so much more than I ever expected. For as much as I want another tattoo, I will wait until I can get back to Florida to see Squablo. He's the best!!!!

Many thanks from Manassas, VA. I'm a fan for life.”

-D. Arnett


 “As someone who not only has been tattooed by Squablo but has been lucky enough to work with and develop a friendship with him(as well as his stunning other half) I can safely say that Squablo is not only one of the best artist that I've worked with, but one of the best people I've had the pleasure of meeting.

Both professionally and personally he's always been a stand up guy and I'm beyond proud to carry a large chest piece by him as the "crown jewel" of my tattoo collection. I get constant compliments on the outstanding color work. And the experience, though physically taxing on both of us, could not have been a better one. He always made sure I was as comfortable as possible and making sure I wasn't in too much pain to bare. And the resulting product speaks for itself!

Thank you my friend!

-L.  Filippi


“I know this will resonate with many people out there: I have a ton of crappy tattoos!!

Even the ones that were planned just never came out as I envisioned. After suffering with bad work and even having some of them covered, I just never had a tat that I was proud of. I knew Paul and always admired his work and until recently, lost all hope of getting what I have ever corrected. Honestly, I didn’t think what I had could be fixed since most of them are already a cover ups. Paul has taken on the huge task of getting my work fixed up and making them into something I could be proud of, if you know the pain of having bad work you can imagine the fantastic feeling knowing it will be fixed. The work he has done so far now puts my mind at ease that soon enough I will have work that I will be proud of. In no time we will be moving onto fresh skin so Paul can work his magic without the constraints of someone else’s poor work.
All I can say is thank you Paul, you have a customer for life.”

-Jimmy P  Port Orange, Florida


“I had my first tattoo when I was 15 and well, it was just--BAD (heavy black lines and a word that could no longer be read). After looking at different online portfolios, I kept going back to Squablo’s. I finally got up the courage to contact him and go in for a consultation.

I was worried because the cover-ups that I had seen were just lots of ink over top of the old tattoo and sometimes you could still see the original one still showing. I am very happy to say that my cover-up is nothing like that, you would never know there was ever a tattoo before, it is delicate and detailed and everyone that sees it loves it.

Not only is Squablo an amazing artist (his work speaks for itself) but he is patient and funny and makes you feel completely at ease while he is tattooing you.

I love Ink and I am glad that I found someone that I can trust to work with my vision and give me a killer tattoo!! (:”

-Erin P.


 “Being a mom and finally deciding to get a tattoo for myself and my son also I had to choose a shop on my own by instinct. I walked in and talked to Squablo (Paul) and immediately felt comfortable that he understood me and what I might want and that I was looking for an artist to do my son's. So I got mine first and he did such an awesome job everyone thought it was a sticker lol. He designed my son's so incredible he keeps getting asked about it also. He treated us with respect, we had some things in common and he and my son talked gaming lol. I went back to add to mine and my son will be getting another very soon. I recommend him highly to all kinds of people moms, dads, people of all types should go see him. Btw my husband keeps saying you are an artist and so do I, you are so easy to talk to and we respect your talent. Thanks again and see you soon for more.

-P. Comitale-Dahms


“Had Squablo do a back tattoo in July 4 hr job he did it so professional and realistic it looks exactly as the logo I gave him
Went back over Xmas and asked if he could do an arm tattoo of goose bands I had shot and he said yes and it's unreal. I had traveled from the psalms in Vegas at their famous tattoo shop to Sturgis and everywhere I could find and no one would touch it. What an amazing job he did!!! I traveled from il to Daytona to get that! Thanks Paul!! I'll be back!!”

-J. Foiles


“Squablo is one of the most professional tattoo artists that I have ever been to. His work is awesome and he is very loyal to his customers. He will work with you and lend his awesome artistic ability to bring your idea to life!

-A. Archades


“All my experiences with you Paul have been excellent and very informative…very down to earth.”

-G. Perris


“Very kind, thorough with detail, light hand and very quick. Wonderful artist and extremely funny.”

 -K. Nelson


“Being in the military I had different artist do my tattoos. And each one asked me where I got the one on my arm. They always said the fade and the lines were awesome. That's why i am waiting for Squablo to return to Michigan!

-S. Parker


“AWESOME artist made my tattoos come life. Just a genuine good guy that can give you the one thing to represent all you are proud of.

-A. Clausen


“Squablo is a very talented and amazing artist! My husband has two pieces done (latest one just recently done at All Saints) and is the only artist we will go to! He squeezed my husband in to his tight schedule to do an 8 hour tattoo in two sittings just so he could have a finished piece when we came back to Jersey! I also had a tattoo done by him, very simple one on the top of my foot but I was in a lot of pain and he knew how to lighten up the mood! We both love our tattoos and shout out the biggest Thanks to Squablo!!

-C.  Sellars





 “We set an appointment for our Mother as a surprise for her birthday. I arranged the whole thing with Paul, who was extremely professional and friendly. While giving her the tattoo he was very amiable and joined in the conversation every now and again to say something funny or assure her that she was doing well. The tattoo itself was a cover-up of this horrible Tinkerbell trampstamp she got before I was born, but with Paul's help she now has a piece of art that reminds her of the whole family...”

- Zombievomitcupcakes


Amazing work. I've had 4 pieces done by Squablo and I will be back again and again…”

- A Google User are awesome!!!! My tats look fantastic and I show them off every chance I get… I live in Ohio and every time I am in Florida on vacation, I get a new tattoo...’  ‘and no one but Squablo can do it right.....Thanks Paul....I love the piece you have created on my lower back. Can’t wait till I am back in town and you can add to it!!! …Thanks again.”

- Veronica, Springfield Ohio


 …I ADORE my Sleeve that Squablo Did. I get compliments everywhere I go! I am proud to show off my piece to anyone who will look at it and gladly tell them where to go! I told him exactly what I wanted and he free handed my entire arm, when I saw what he came up with I couldn't help but tear up, I NEVER could of imagined that it could be this beautiful!”

-Blythe C


Yellow Pages:

“I have had a cover up done by Paul this past March during bike week in Daytona...’Paul did the most beautiful cover up on my back. It was EXACTLY what I wanted, I could have sat there all day and let him work on my back! Only thing is now I want his work done on the other side of my back to match what he has already done. Biketoberfest is coming...and honestly...this year the only reason we will be going is if we can get into the shop on that Saturday to get more work....and I am praying that Paul will be available to do my next piece....known many tattooist's....sorry nobody matches his work....:)”



Paul did my second tattoo and is now working on my new one .He's also working on my boyfriend's tattoo and did his first one. I won't go anywhere else. He does quality work. Both times we brought ideas to him and he only made them better!”




 …“I had the pleasure of having Squablo (Paul) work up my drawing and do my ink. He was very easy going and took my suggestions and made an awesome design. I was a bit nervous getting my 1st tattoo but he made me very comfortable and it was a great experience.”

-Marc Greenberg


“I went in not knowing what to expect because I have never gotten a tattoo before, but talked to Paul about what kind of tattoo I wanted to get in memory of my dad who recently passed away. Paul did a wonderful job drawing out exactly what I wanted and his "gentle hands" made it so it didn't hardly hurt at all. Paul, everyone loves my tattoo and so do I. You did a great job!!”

-Dori Richardson


“After talking with Paul aka: Squablo he took the time to sketch out a design that was much better than the original, you know the one of kind design, at no cost...‘Needless to say I got my first tattoo at 42 years old after being out of the corp for 18 years and was extremely happy when it was finished. Everyone that has seen my tattoo has said that is the best design they have ever seen and have never seen one done like it.”